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The Double-Breasted suit is the biggest tailoring renaissance story of 2021

Whether dressed up or down, the power suit classic is having a huge year.

We break down why this is, and how double-breasted jackets have become a staple of both super-sharp tailoring and smart casual looks alike.

There are a lot of prevailing trends that have come to dominate the most-watched red carpets of the world in the last couple of years. We’ve seen been the return of big collars and ‘70s era suiting, a dazzling array of colours fall in and out of fashion, and even the very notion of what constitutes a well-fitted suit called into question.

But while these trends aren’t necessarily approachable for the everyday guy, the return of the double-breasted suit is a fashion moment we can all get behind.

Why? The double-breasted jacket accomplishes the rare feat of managing to look both leisurely and distinctly formal, depending on the way it’s cut, the materials used, and even the colour it’s presented in. Not only does it suit a wide variety of body types with its ability to accentuate the chest and shoulders, but can be styled to look either razor sharp as part of a matching suit, or more deconstructed when paired with a different pair of trousers. Lately, more casual approaches to double-breasted jackets have roared back in to trend, playing more freely with breezy fabrics and bright colours.

In many ways, this feels distinctly fitting of the double-breasted suit’s heritage. As much as we like to associate the piece with razor sharp savile row suits and pinstripes, it’s just as evocative of leisure-driven Italian tailoring, able to be offered in a more deconstructed takes to suit summery outfits and less formal occasions. And with the Aussie summer approaching
and local guys having more fun with their suits than ever, there’s never been a better time to jump aboard.


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