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3 winter fragrances that’ll change your approach to cold – weather scents

While winter is traditionally associated with smoky, spicy scents, there are plenty moreoptions out there.

Much like the way it dictates how we dress, the Australian winter is unpredictable in that the traditional fragrances we associate with the cold weather don’t always quite fit the bill. Sure, we have our share of cold nights where spicy, smoky fragrances are perfectly suited to create a sensual mood, but there are just as many sun-soaked days where something far fresher is called for.

This isn’t to say that you should bring out something extra aquatic or fresh just because the sun is shining, but it is worth keeping your winter scent rotation as versatile as possible. After all, while conditions are liable to change, the truly great scents have that uncanny ability to see you through anything. With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of winter-ready scents that hit all the right notes for the cooler weather in a thoroughly unique way.

Amouage Oud Ulya

Amouge – OUD ULYA

Rich, woody Oud is one of the quintessential winter fragrances, and one certainly best suited to those nights where only the most luxurious scents are enough to cut through the cull. Amouage balances the rich wood of its Oud Ulya fragrances with the smokiness of birch tar and a rich undercurrent of sweet vanilla.

The raw animality of the Oud Assam is sublimed by the intense smokiness of Birch Tar and tamed by a generous pour of Vanilla. The pure expression of Oud, as royal and lavish as the nature of Ulya-High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb.


Roja Apex

Zesty, fresh fragrances need a certain something to cut through the winter chill, howeverBritish perfumer Roja London has nailed the formula with Apex, a fresh-floral fragrance perfect for cooler daytime wear. The top notes of Lemon and Bergamot start things on a bright note, before fading away to jasmine, oak moss and woody tobacco.

Memo African Leather

Keeping things spicy yet slightly drier and fresher than the super aromatic fragrances you typically see around wintertime, Memo Paris’s African Leather is, as the name suggests, fresher and more leathery, making it perfect for day-to-night winter wear. The spiciness comes by way of more fragrant cardamom, accented by fresh geranium and even some citrusy bergamot.


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