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Despite the lingering isolation, winter is fading and spring is almost here, and so we set out to retake the business of “looking the business”.
There is no doubting the profound psychological powers of the suit – its ability to enhance and stimulate cognitive function and elevate one’s senses and mood – some simply call it a betterment of one self. Therefore, the best remedy for a case of the post-isolation blues lies in your wardrobe – and getting back to business in style.

The time is right to reinvigorate your wardrobe with a new piece – perhaps a suit that will see you through the transition from winter to spring, or perhaps a sports jacket or a blazer that will stand the test of time in every season.

Pins that mean business, sustainably sourced and woven from a high-twist, crease resistant wool – try Dormeuil’s Tonik® Wool collection, Dormeuil’s ECHO® Wool, Holland & Sherry’s ECO-Traveller® features a number of distinguished striped cloths that are perfect for those looking to embrace the emboldening and uplifting qualities of their clothing.

For those looking for something more to dominate any setting in style and sophistication, look no further than the aptly named ‘Ambassador’ Collection from Dormeuil – possibly our best-selling collection, comprised of luxuriously soft super 180’s cloth these fabrics are something special to behold.

Looking for something conservative to the eye, but soft to the touch and undoubtably luxurious? Dormeuil’s 15.7 Collection – woven from super 160’s wool – features varying hues of navy that are equal parts understated and luxurious. This collection is a perfect balance for a business suit embodying comfort and durability and take you out of the isolation blues.

For those that have now permanently changed their boardroom life to work-out-of-office life, where pinstripes and navy’s may no longer be relevant, yet want to bolster their wardrobe this season, may we suggest more casual designs such as the Holland & Sherry Bouclana or Cashique collections for jacketing. Or possibly and oversized deconstructed coats from Loro Piana’s or Lanificio’s extensive new collections – be audacious, and add textural nuances and striking colours to your casual wardrobe and leave the track pants at home where they belong.

Unapologetic, never arrogant, always assertively BESPOKE


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